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People's Monitoring Group on Electricity Regulation (PMGER) is a voluntary group, wherein different organizations and individuals have come together to monitor the developments in the power sector in Andhra Pradesh (AP) and the regulatory process under the AP Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) on behalf of people.

PMGER was started in the year 1999 in the background of unfolding reforms in the power sector in AP. PMGER chose to represent the public interest before the APERC, while it was always circumspect of the "neutrality" of the Commission in deliberating and deciding upon issues in power sector fairly and equitably. It was felt that APERC would occupy the center stage in the reform process and there is every likelihood of it being used as a "democratic" tool to legitimise the reform process. PMGER endeavours to demystify the regulatory process in the power sector.

PMGER looks forward to increasing people's participation in the regulation of power sector through involvement of representative organizations of the vulnerable sections such as poor, disadvantaged, farmers, women and consumers. PMGER hopes to reach out to as many people as possible, striving to reach the Mahatma Gandhi's 'last person'. This may not be possible directly, but efforts would be made to network with like-minded' civil society organizations and individuals, as relevant.

Towards this PMGER would attempt to:

  • Work as an interface between organizations and interests working for the public cause and APERC.
  • Monitor the reform process through information collection from different sources, research and analysis.
  • Continuous assessment of impact of power reforms on particular sections of the society.
  • Disseminate information so gathered and research and analysis outputs to the public.
  • Mobilise public opinion against anti-people reform processes and policies.
  • Formulate pro-people alternative policies.
  • Take up activities to build the capacities of the public, individuals as well as organizations.
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